A SVEN in the real estate world

Sven means a young man or a young warrior in Dutch. I'm 26 years old, and that's how I define myself in the real estate world.

I started my real estate sales career right after graduating from the University of Waterloo and became a Masters Emerald Award winner (not easy at all) within two years in the business.

Before graduating from the UWaterloo, I used to help my father with his interior renovation projects between the years until the school is finished. Those experiences with renovation projects, budgeting especially, assisted some of my clients making tough decisions.

I love studying and conducting economic and market analysis, it is the foundation of where my understandings of the real estate market come from. I truly believe in it and it helped my clients make the right decisions in different situations.  

To me, a real estate sales representative's work is to fully understand their clients' situation, their needs, wants and obstacles. Then, help them solve the problems standing between their current situation and their goals with the skill sets and the resources we have. 

For me to understand you, first you have to understand yourself. 

Which stage of buying are you currently in?

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